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Of Course There is Only One YOU! Why is it a Love Project?

A project is something that has a plan and a design, an undertaking, and a goal.

Have you ever wondered how many goals you have had within the last year?

Despite the insane turn of events on our planet and how so many of us have had to put our lives on pause, what goals have you had?

Have you been determined or overwhelmed?

Have you noticed that the most important areas of your life have become even more important?

During the first few weeks of the lockdown in New York, I think our family may have had multiple zoom calls daily. It became the most important thing. Our sense of certainty had gone down the drain and keeping in-touch with my kids and closest friends was about all I wanted to do. 

And then it happened.  

I began to think about my bucket list, my three-week trip to Italy, visiting all the National Parks in the U.S., and owning my own home on the beach.  

Then I thought, oh my, I’m not ready to just pack it all in and go on with life as usual.  While my loved ones will always be my most important thing, I realized I had left out a really big bucket.  

The love project bucket.  

The love project was in essence realizing I needed to seek out what I had really wanted for my life and not just everyone else’s.  The project includes considering my third act in life and creating strategies that solidify that they happen.

Now, this was truly a novel idea, I spent most of my life looking to do for others and being privileged to do it.  

So, what was the catch?  

I forgot to look at who I was outside of my husband, my kids, and my present career.  

I forgot the dream deposited down deep, so deep in fact, I could hardly find it.  A little investigating brought it to the surface and there began the love project journey.  

The project begins with me but here I go again; I prefer to do it with others.  I see it as a collective journey where we learn from each other how to put our dreams into the mix of our lives.  

Welcome friends!!

“This is the beginning of an amazing journey of exploration, self-discovery self-care, and going for those dreams! Let’s do this!”


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