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60 and Estranged From an Adult Child? How Not to Deal with it

Estrangement is a widespread and stigmatized condition when an individual cuts ties with one or more family members. ...

Mental Health Impact of Estrangement

Estrangement describes the condition where a person experiences physical and/or emotional distance from one or more family members. ...

How to Move Past the Wounds of Estrangement and Find Relief

Feeling numb, dumbfounded, angry, and depressed over the angst of being cut off from a family member is ...
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Hello. I'm Marie.

I help busy professional women develop a daily self-care routine so they can finally bust through limiting beliefs, let go of perfection, and step into their most aligned, confident selves.

"Let's uncover what's holding you back and develop a plan to get unstuck!"

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Self Care (Made Easy)

Self care is about putting yourself first and taking the time to nourish your FOUR PILLARS OF WELLNESS.

Wondering how to fit self care routines into your daily life? I put together a list of my favorite Self Care Ideas to help you TAKE TIME FOR YOU!

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Estranged Adult Children? What Not To Do When Your Kids Cut Ties

Estrangement from adult children is one of the most challenging conditions a parent can endure. When kids cut ...

Is Estrangement Always The Parent’s Fault?

Is estrangement always the parent’s fault? The truth is estrangement is so complex that there is no simple ...

What Makes Parents Cut Ties With Adult Children? Toxic and Entitled

Estrangement is the widespread condition where an individual cuts ties with one or more family members. Current media ...

How Long Does Parent-Child Estrangement Usually Last?

Parents of estranged adult children experience grief over the loss of the relationship. Many worry tirelessly about when ...

Why Adult Kids Cut Ties? (Are They Brainwashed By A Toxic Partner?)

Estrangement is the condition that describes when a family member distances themself from other family members. This cut-off ...

How to Cope When Your Estranged Adult Child Won’t Talk To You

Estrangement from an adult child is one of the most challenging conditions for parents. You are not alone ...
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