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How to Age Gracefully When You Are Highly Self-Critical (Find out if You're A Perfectionist)

Are you more self-critical than you would like to be? If you answered yes, this article discusses how to age gracefully while managing self-critical habits. We will consider the case for being your authentic self, gliding gracefully through the coming years. You will find a simple perfectionist quiz at the end.

How to Create Healthy Boundaries, so Your Needs are Met

In our 60s, attending to our needs and improving our relationships is more important than ever before. Time is of the essence, but making the most of our time takes practice. One way to enrich our lives is by applying boundaries to accommodate what is essential.

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Hello. I'm Marie.

I help busy professional women develop a daily self-care routine so they can finally bust through limiting beliefs, let go of perfection, and step into their most aligned, confident selves.

"Let's uncover what's holding you back and develop a plan to get unstuck!"

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Self Care (Made Easy)

Self care is about putting yourself first and taking the time to nourish your FOUR PILLARS OF WELLNESS.

Wondering how to fit self care routines into your daily life? I put together a list of my favorite Self Care Ideas to help you TAKE TIME FOR YOU!

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Mindfulness Compassion Change

How do you set healthy boundaries for your wellness? (Five-Step Plan)

Healthy boundaries consider all areas of our wellness.  Boundaries are essential for aligning ourselves with our well-being. We ...

Beginner Guide to Creating Boundaries with Family (Five-Step Plan)

Boundaries in families are necessary for thriving relationships. The good news is, there are strategies to get your ...

What is Diaphragmatic breathing? (Stress Benefits and Technique)

Diaphragmatic breathing, DB, also known as belly breathing or abdominal breathing, can have extraordinary health benefits.  Specifically, belly ...

What to Do When You Have a Panic Attack (Three tips to help you calm down)

Have you had a panic attack with symptoms such as sensations of heart-pounding, sweating, shaking, choking, and feelings ...

How Relationships Reduce Stress With Connecting (3 Tips TO GET CONNECTED)

The most powerful force on earth is surprisingly human connection.  Being in relationships and connecting genuinely is key ...
panic attack? 5 tips to help you feel better

What is a Panic Attack? Five Tips to Help You Feel Better

Have you ever suddenly felt your heart pounding, possibly out of control, sweating, shaking, choking, and feelings of ...

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