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How Journaling at 60 can Help you Heal from the Grief of Estrangement with your Adult Child

Estrangement from an adult child is an emotional and/or physical distance that is emotionally troublesome for all involved. ...

60 and Estranged? When not to Reconcile

Estrangement is widespread, complicated, and harms all involved. Perhaps you have chosen to cut off from a family ...

60 and Estranged? What You Need To Do Know About Happiness and 3 Keys To Personal Growth

Family estrangement for women in their 60s is more common than you think. More than 70 million people ...
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Hello. I'm Marie.

I help busy professional women develop a daily self-care routine so they can finally bust through limiting beliefs, let go of perfection, and step into their most aligned, confident selves.

"Let's uncover what's holding you back and develop a plan to get unstuck!"

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Self Care (Made Easy)

Self care is about putting yourself first and taking the time to nourish your FOUR PILLARS OF WELLNESS.

Wondering how to fit self care routines into your daily life? I put together a list of my favorite Self Care Ideas to help you TAKE TIME FOR YOU!

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How To Communicate With Your Adult Child (If You’re Told You Are Toxic)

Estrangement is when one family member intentionally decides to detach from others. Parting creates an emotional and physical ...

Am I A Toxic Parent? Three Strategies  When Your Adult Child Won’t Talk to You

Adult children initiate most rifts, many accusing their parents of being toxic. Twenty-seven percent of the United States ...

Am I a toxic parent? How to know if you are toxic (When Your Adult child won’t Speak to You) part one

Has your estranged adult child told you that you are toxic and they're not speaking to you? You ...

How to Cope With Cut-Off Adult Children When Waiting to Reconcile

Cut-off from adult children or family is emotionally taxing. The uncertainty and stigma contribute to a significant amount ...

How to Cope With Complicated Grief When Estranged From Your Adult Child (Ten Steps)

Estrangement is the relatively recent term when family members experience physical and emotional distance from one or more ...

Feeling Anger and Grief About Your Estranged Adult Children Three Tips

Estrangement from an adult child can feel like an assault. Being cut-off can elicit feelings like you have ...
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