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60, Estranged, and Stuck In Negative Thinking? Three Keys to Moving Forward

Estrangement is a depressing affair. Chronic stress, grief, uncertainty, and negative thoughts are involved in this widespread condition. ...

Over 60 and Rejected by your Kid? Navigating the Estrangement Struggle

By the time we reach our 60s, we reflect on what we once hoped for with our family. ...

5 Keys To Feeling Better When You Are Estranged

At least 27% of individuals in the United States are estranged from one or more family members. Women ...
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Hello. I'm Marie.

I help busy professional women develop a daily self-care routine so they can finally bust through limiting beliefs, let go of perfection, and step into their most aligned, confident selves.

"Let's uncover what's holding you back and develop a plan to get unstuck!"

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Self Care (Made Easy)

Self care is about putting yourself first and taking the time to nourish your FOUR PILLARS OF WELLNESS.

Wondering how to fit self care routines into your daily life? I put together a list of my favorite Self Care Ideas to help you TAKE TIME FOR YOU!

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How to Reconnect with My Estranged Family member (When to Know the Time is Right)

Are you wondering if it is possible to try and end the rift with your family member? Maybe ...

How to reconcile with estranged family members (estrangement and reconciliation benefits) 

Are you thinking about reconciling but wonder what it will mean for you? According to dr. Karl Pillemer, ...

Reconciling with Estranged Family Members (Four Strategies For Reconciliation)

Reconciling is a means to move out of the separation of estrangement and find a path forward for ...

How Long Does Family Estrangement Last (Reconciliation with Abusive Estrangement)

Estrangement and Reconciliation If you are here, you may be wondering how long will family estrangement last? Family ...

How to Heal From Estrangement (Four Tips)

Wondering how to heal from estrangement? There is little doubt that estrangement is widespread, complicated, and harms all ...

How to move on from estranged family

Are you wondering how to move on from estranged family? Estrangement is when one is emotionally and or ...
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