My Book


Secrets to
Soothe The Soul

Written by
Marie Morin, Eve Evangelista, Dr. Nane’ Cheung, Carol
Iacobucci, Therese LaFleche, Taz Chaudry, Bobbie
Malatesta, Rosemarie Allen, and Caroline Connelly.

It can be challenging to feel like you don't belong like you're on the outside looking in. That feeling of exclusion and loneliness can be so painful.

But there is hope; that's what this book is all about. Nine incredible women have come together to share their stories of struggle and triumph. Each story is a pearl in a beautiful string, connected by the thread of belonging. As you read these stories, you'll feel the expanse of human emotion - the expectation, excitement, and joyfulness of finding your place in the world.
Through the common humanity that connects us, we see ourselves in others—a reminder that we're all in this together.

This book is a gift created with love by women for women. It's written to uplift and inspire, to bring you a sense of hope and joy. Dive in, be entertained, delighted, and share in the personal victories of these fantastic women. As you read, may you find your path to belonging and know you are loved and valued just as you are.