Are you ready for an easy, straight forward plan to go from feeling tired and stuck to feeling Energized and Confident?

As a therapist and wellness coach, I am here to enrich your wellness journey.

My therapeutic style is non-judgemental where you can experience safety and growth. Our unique relationship will get you out of stuck into feeling happier and healthier.



Psychotherapy uses dialogue to develop a supportive relationship where behaviors change, symptoms lessen, and hope flourishes for a happier life.

Psychotherapy provides a non-judgmental atmosphere so you can process feelings such as sadness, anxiety, grief, loss, stress, overwhelm, and hopelessness. The objective and neutral environment are also effective for learning coping skills, communication skills, and developing healthy lifestyle habits. You may be dealing with troubles such as excessive worry, anger, depression, job loss, relationship issues, substance use, and coping with prolonged illness.

Individual therapy

Individual therapy is the one-on-one therapeutic process of dialogue where you are comfortable in sharing your thoughts and feelings. You may reflect on past events and disappointments to discover the root causes of your present feelings and behaviors. Individual therapy is an opportunity to process, learn, overcome, and thrive. If you are having any of the symptoms that hinder your daily functioning, experiencing troubling thoughts, or feeling uncomfortable in your skin, individual therapy will give you a better quality of life.

Couples therapy

Couples therapy is indicated with couples who have long-standing difficulties in areas including sexual incompatibility, infidelity, communication roadblocks, unmet needs, emotional distancing, differing parenting styles, and escalating conflict. You may also have disagreements on finances, experience trust issues, and difficulty with in-laws. The process begins with an initial meeting, individual meetings, then weekly meetings to process the couple's specific points of grievances and work through skills towards thriving as a couple.  Couples will discover the importance of recognizing their partner’s  needs, how to communicate their own needs, and even learn how to fight better. Couples will learn and practice how to process past hurts. Your relationship will greatly benefit with increased intimacy by working out areas of stagnancy.  In an atmosphere of empathy and respect, your relationship will transform.

Specialized Therapy to Support a Family Member With Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder is a severe mental illness that often leaves family members in a realm of experiences they are unprepared to tackle. With extensive experience working with families with loved ones with bipolar disorder, I understand and know what works and what to avoid. Having experience clinically as well as having two family members with bipolar disorder, I am very familiar with the harm  the illness causes. I can assist you in navigating the facts about the illness, dealing with the loved ones' behaviors, creating a plan for you to survive episodes, and managing your relationship with your loved one.



Life Coaching

Life Coaching is for you if you aren’t struggling with functioning difficulties but rather motivation and strategy to move forward in your personal ambitions. You are ready and willing to do the work.  You will gain insight and skills to overcome limiting beliefs in areas that have stalled your progress.  You will have a clear strategy to transform your life. You may feel stuck in your profession, your relationships, your goals for dreams you have yet to fulfill.  Life coaching is the pathway to your success.

Wellness Coaching

Focus on your goals for improved physical, emotional, spiritual, and relational wellness. You will have increased confidence, feel more energy, better focus, and purpose. We assess your present self-care and determine key areas for optimal change.

Couples Coaching

Couples coaching focuses on a couple’s goals towards effective communication and connection.  Couples will learn skills and tools to have greater fulfillment, hope, and satisfaction in their relationship. Coaching will focus on the couple's goals of what is specific to their needs and situation.

PEAK Design 8-week Program

PEAK Design is about losing the habits that no longer work and creating a strategic plan so big change happens. With Peak Design we collaborate to go from feeling stuck to feeling confident, energetic, and ready to pursue your goals. We use the Peak Design Assessment that considers your four pillars of wellness* to find out what specific changes will give you the results you want.


Daily Routine Reset 6-week Program

Focus on your daily routine to facilitate better self-confidence, stress management skills, and improved well-being. The daily routine reset program gives you all the tools you will need to feel more focused, less stressed, more energetic, and poised to accomplish your wellness goals. You will learn how to overcome self-critical thinking and become your most aligned confident self.


Coaching For Parents of Children and Teens

Today’s children are faced with challenges and opportunities like never. Both Kids and parents are navigating a much different world. With increased parenting challenges, and continued high levels of uncertainty, parents and kids are feeling the pressure. Parent coaching provides tools, strategies, and support for you to guide your child and family towards resilience. 

You will learn tools and skills to best help your child develop their sense of self, learn realistic expectations, foster independence, and manage their behaviors. Most importantly, you will learn skills, so your child develops positive emotional coping. 


Prepare-Enrich Facilitator for Couples

Couples begin by taking the evidence-based Prepare-Enrich Assessment online. A customized report is created that reveals relationships dynamics, communication skills, conflict resolution, sexual expectations, and level of commitment among others. This report is then used by the facilitator and couple to focus on specific areas and learn skills to significantly improve and transform your relationship.


Prepare-Enrich Facilitator Premarital Coaching

Evidence-based, Prepare-Enrich Coaching uses an initial assessment for couples with specific tools and homework to prepare you for the full marriage experience  Prepare-Enrich Premarital Coaching uses an assessment that exposes idealism and builds confidence with a personalized and customized format. Couples that engage in this process are better prepared for marriage and reduce the risk of divorce.


Here’s How My Process Works

1. Schedule a Free 15 Minute Discovery Call

Tell me about your challenges and hopes. I'll share more about a plan to help you make the changes you want.

2. Book Your First Coaching Session

Whether it's a little pivot or a big dream, everything starts with taking that first step.

3. Experience Growth You Can Measure

Your intention to change your life has energy. We'll determine your success based on your goals and the steps you take to reach them.