60, Estranged, and Stuck In Negative Thinking? Three Keys to Moving Forward

Estrangement is a depressing affair. Chronic stress, grief, uncertainty, and negative thoughts are involved in this widespread condition. 27 percent of estranged individuals, emotionally or physically separated from one or more family members, will attest to the gamut of emotions estrangement brings.

Often, the estranged struggle with the chatter in their heads, thoughts that keep them from living again. This article will discuss the trap of unchecked problematic thinking when you are 60, estranged, and stuck in negative thinking.

Thankfully, there is more awareness and excellent books on the topic. Yet, the most needed is the support that moves one forward towards “a new normal.” Often, even well-meaning friends are ill-equipped to offer support to assist the estranged in moving forward. We need to be active and socially engaged to feel better.

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